Greenwich Bay Botanical Soaps 10.5 oz

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Botanical Soaps 10.5 oz


Fresh New Looks

French-milled, luxurious vegetable soaps enriched with shea butter, essential oils & natural extracts in captivating botanical scents. 

African Violet and Cocoa Butter     Almond Cocoa Butter     Black Currant and Olive Butter     Cucumber Olive Oil     For Men

Fresh Milk Shea Butter     Gardeners     Island Ginger Mango Butter     Juicy Peach     Lavender Chamomile      Lemon Verbena

Ocean Pur     Ocean Riche     Orchid Jojoba     Organic Oatmeal     Passion Flower and Olive Oil     Pineapple Cocoa Butter 

Pomegranate Shea Butter     Rosewater and Jasmine     Seafresh Mineral     White Tea Calendula     Zinnia Aloe Butter