Balloon Bouquet Selfie Celebrate Mermaid

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Balloon Bouquet Selfie Celebrate Mermaid

 Setup a super selfie station with this Selfie Celebration Balloon Bouquet! This five-piece balloon bouquet features a giant foil balloon shaped like a mermaid cat as the focal point. Two Selfie Celebration balloons displaying donuts, llamas, and rainbows add to the cute look! Two pink heart balloons complete this birthday balloon bouquet.

Selfie Celebration Balloon Bouquet includes:

  • Giant foil Mermaid Cat balloon, 18in wide x 31in tall
  • 2 foil Selfie Celebration balloons, 17in diameter
  • 2 foil pink heart balloons, 17in wide


Selfie Celebration Balloon Bouquet 5pc Image #1


Balloon Bouquet

Contains 5 balloons per bouquet.

As shown on picture.

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